Choosing The Best Portable Air Conditioner

Thanks to many great modern inventions, it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of climates with a best portable air conditioner. For the past few decades, people across the globe have found the air conditioner to be a great way of increasing their ability to enjoy the surrounding area. In fact, it has made many regions inhabitable that were once impossible to live in comfortably.

Nonetheless, with modern technology comes questions of efficacy and efficiency. When it comes to choosing the air conditioner for your home, make sure that you look for what might be best for you. This can include a central air conditioner, but it may be better for you to utilize a portable air conditioner. In this article we will discuss the advantages of this type and how to choose the best buy portable air conditioner for your needs.

Thanks to many great modern inventions, it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of climates with an air conditioning unit. For the past few decades, people across the globe have found the air conditioner to be a great way of increasing their ability to enjoy the surrounding area. In fact, it has made many regions inhabitable that were once impossible to live in comfortably.

vNonetheless, with modern technology comes questions of efficacy and efficiency. When it comes to choosing the air conditioner for your home, make sure that you look for what might be best for you. This can include a central air conditioner, but it may be better for you to utilize a portable air conditioner. In this article we will discuss the advantages of this type and how to choose the best portable air conditioner for your needs.

What are the Benefits of Best Buy Portable Air Conditioner?

If you’ve been reading portable air conditioner reviews you’ll know they offer plenty of benefits whether at home or the office. For starters they operate using very sound principles: the AC absorbs the warm air in the room, cools it down and scatters the cooled air back in the room while releasing the warm air outside via an exhaust hose.

What are the Benefits of Portable ACs?Units like the Whynter air conditioner are easy to use and let you adjust the temperature, fan speed and other settings. Compared to window units and central air conditioners, a small portable air conditioner is easier to use and a simpler alternative to those larger, more complex units.

These units, like the Honeywell MN10CESWW, combine versatility and simplicity and designed for cooling a single room. Because of the way they’ve been designed, these units are quick to set up and ideal for rooms that don’t have a built-in cooling system. You can also use these in rooms that you only cool on certain occasions (i.e. when someone is there).

Finally these units can support larger AC systems and in the case of an apartment or rental, cool the place as you won’t be able to install a permanent unit. While ease of setup and portability are the two main factors, a compact design is a must as are wheels for easy transportation.


Why is Portable Better Than Central Air Conditioning?

When it comes to choosing your air conditioner, it is important to know the difference between a portable air conditioner and a central unit.

Mobility – The first and most obvious benefit of using portable air conditioning is the fact that it can be moved around as often as you would like. For people that only require conditioning in a certain region of the house, that makes it a lot more efficient during the harsh winter or summer conditions.

Power saving – Given the cost of electricity and heating these days, it can be very beneficial to find a portable air conditioner to save money. People that utilize this tool have been able to save hundreds of dollars during the difficult seasons, which can have a profound impact on budgeting in the long term. Also, when the portable conditioners are not needed, they can be easily stored away in small spaces.

Allergens removing – The simple fact that a portable air conditioner can be moved from place to place saves money and makes heating / cooling more efficient. However, a portable unit can also help to remove allergens from the air more efficiently. A central air conditioning unit does not have the technology that is required to remove all of the allergens from the air, which can be bad for your health and cause a number of long term problems.


Which Portable A/C is good for your room size?

best buy portable air conditioner

Before you decide to purchase a portable air conditioner, it is important to know some specifics so that you can make the experience better and more efficient. For example, depending on the size of the room, you will need to utilize a different kind of air conditioner.

The manufacturer will usually provide some information about the recommended coverage area for a given model. If you do not heed these warnings, you may end up wasting electricity and in some cases overusing the precious resources.

As a rule of thumb, here are some tidbits so that you can better prepare for your portable air conditioning purchase:

Small rooms (100 – 300 sq. feet) – 5,000 – 6,000 BTU

Medium rooms (250 – 550 sq. feet) – 7,000 – 8,000 BTU

Large rooms (350 – 390 sq. feet) – 9,800 – 12,500 BTU


Essential Features on Portable A/Cs to Look For

Remote control – The last thing we will offer for your portable a/c search is a few features that you can utilize to your advantage. Electronic controls are a great feature that make it easy for people to control the unit without spending a lot of time learning a specific device or control panel. If it has a remote control, that is particularly useful and can even be great for people who are using a portable unit at night.

Filters – Make sure you also find filters that are reusable and installation should be simple enough for you. For those who have a good understanding of technology and assembling things, there is little problem, but maintenance can be difficult for elderly and other non-technical individuals. If you look for all of these features, there is a good chance you will find an air conditioner that is useful for your purposes.

Condensate water removing – There are many types of portable a/c in the market today, some of them have ability to automatically empty condensate water in the cooling process while some can not. Generally, with simple portable air conditioners, you need to manually empty water bucket periodically from several hours to even months. More sophisticated air conditioners can evaporate moisture through hot air exhaust or through condensate pump. This is quite a good convenient feature that you should know about.

Finally, do check for noise level factor, timer function and reverse cycle type or not.


Best Buy Portable Air conditioner Buying Guide

Small best buy portable air conditionerFor relief from the heat and humidity on those scorching summer days and nights, many find comfort in the form of a portable air conditioner. These units are typically small in size, and most are wheeled, which contributes to their convenience and user-friendliness.

Although the reasons for purchasing a portable AC may vary from consumer to consumer, the majority agree that they opt for these units because of their ability to swiftly and effectively cool rooms, garages, and other spaces. They also agree on the economic efficiency, as the operating costs are usually nominal.
Before purchasing a unit of your own, you should do your own research, including comparing and contrasting a few different portable models that will suit your needs.

With the large number of manufacturers and machine types available to the public, it is important to consider how and where you will use your air conditioner. Our portable air con comparison guides & portable air conditioner reviews can help guide you choose the best air conditioner for your needs.

If you live in an apartment or home with smaller rooms, or if you will use it to cool areas such as a computer server closet, a small portable air conditioner may be your best option. You may also consider how often you will use it and if you will transport it to other locations.

If you will use it daily or in multiple locations, a lighter weight model for easy transport may be the top choice. In short, just as with any other monetary investment, you want to make an educated and conscious choice when you decide to purchase a new portable ac unit.


NewAir AC-14100H best buy portable air conditionerAs mentioned above, size is a major factor when determining the best buy portable air conditioner that is good for you. If an AC is too small, it will fail to cool the area for which it was intended. As well, if the room or space is improperly insulated or particularly humid, a small portable air conditioner will not be able to operate effectively against its environment.

Conversely, if the AC is too large, it will certainly cool the area, however, it will shut off prior to any excess moisture being removed from the air.

Where these factors must be taken into account, some additional considerations include the number of windows and the ceiling height in an area, as well as the amount of equipment or appliances that will be used in that space while the air conditioning is running. In rooms with high ceilings and where heat will be produced from computers and the like, the size of the air conditioner should be increased.

To get a general idea of the size you will need, consider the following:

If your room is 100 square feet, look for an AC with 7,000 BTU

If your room is 200 square feet, look for an AC with 9,000 BTU

If your room is 300 square feet, look for an AC with 10,000 BTU

If your room is 400 square feet, look for an AC with 12,000 BTU

If your room is 500 square feet, look for an AC with 14,000 BTU


Ventilation and Exhaust

best buy portable air conditionerVenting hot air out of a room is part of the portable air conditioner cooling process. By way of an exhaust hose that is expelled either through a window, into a drop ceiling, or through a wall leading to a vacant space, hot air is forced out of a room. While most portable AC units are packaged with their own drop ceiling or window kits, they will vary from unit to unit, and adjustments will more likely than not, be needed to fit properly.

It is important to note that exhaust hoses come in a standard length, and it is suggested that they not be manually lengthened, as it compromises safety and can also nullify any manufacturer’s warranty.

There are, however, longer hoses that come with commercial grade ACs. These should be considered if it better suits your needs. Additionally, you must consider whether you’d like a single hose exhaust or double hose exhaust. Each type has its own positives and negatives, however, a dual hose system is generally more efficient in its operation. On the other hand, it is also more expensive and uses more electricity.

The major disadvantage of a dual hose system is that the room air is recycled. Basically, the AC unit pulls in air from the room, and after cooling it, propels the same air back into the room. That simply means that the air quality in any room will not change, only the temperature will change. With a single hose system, the AC will pull air from outside, cool it, and then push it into the room. The choice to purchase a single or dual hose model is strictly a matter of preference.


When purchasing a portable air conditioner, one consideration may be efficiency. Not unlike other appliances, an AC’s efficiency rating is measured by the energy efficiency ratio or EER. The rule is the higher the EER rating, the more efficient the AC unit. Overall, portable air conditioners are both energy efficient and cost effective, meaning that it can positively affect your monthly electric bill. Look for the Energy Star logo when making your purchase. This will ensure that you are selecting a highly rated, energy efficient unit.

best buy portable air conditionerDraining

While portable ACs are cooling air, they are concurrently removing humidity from the air. As such, the unit must have a receptacle to collect that water. Some units come with a container attached that will need to be regularly drained. Other, more complicated systems are self-evaporating, meaning that the unit itself can evaporate most of the moisture into its hot air exhaust system. In essence, this means that very little emptying would be required.

Besides these drainage types, there is also the fully evaporative unit that completely and internally evaporates moisture, so that no emptying is needed, and also the gravity drain, which is a permanent connection that permits water to empty into a floor drain using gravity as its force. Finally, there is the option of an external condensation pump. These force collected water through a drain hose directed to a desired drain location, generally outdoors, or to a floor drain.

Noise Level

The noise levels of portable air conditioning units will vary. Most portable AC units, however, will have decibel ratings ranging from around 40 to 60. These will fluctuate based on the unit itself, as well as the speed at which you are using your AC. For instance, using the appliance on low will be significantly quieter than using it on high. When comparing decibels, consider that a whisper is around 30 decibels, and the hum of a refrigerator is approximately 40 decibels, while a hair dryer is rated around a 70.


Maintaining a portable aircon is very minimal. Besides the drainage requirements, you should follow the manufacturer’s suggestions in regard to annual air filter cleaning and preparation for long term storage. Other than these, portable units are for the most part, plug-in, set and let run.

Heating Options

Some portable AC units have an optional heating mode that allows a user to adjust the machine’s settings to provide either air conditioning or heat. Choosing a unit of this type is wise for consumers who live in areas with cold seasons, or areas where the temperatures are warm during the day, but drop dramatically at night.

Special Features

Best buy portable air conditioner have a variety of optional features that should be pondered when making the choice to buy a new unit. For example, all-directional air vents. This feature allows the unit to dispel cool air evenly through a room, as opposed to blowing straight, in one direction the entire time it’s being used.

Other examples include units that allow 24 hour programmable cycles, those that come equipped with remote controls, and models that can also be used as dehumidifiers. These are only a few of the many options that are available on modern portable units.

While there is no way to deliver an exhaustive guide on portable air conditioning units, this guide has provided enough information to put you on the right road to make an educated and informed decision on the best buy portable air conditioner for your home or workplace.

Installation Tips

Portable air conditioning units may be simpler to install than other AC units, but it’s still imperative you follow the safety instructions and all directions. Your portable system has to be close to a power location and a window. Some of these systems require you to plug the unit on the outlet directly while others can be used with an extension cord.

Aside from being easy to use, the air conditioning unit has to be durable, and once installed it shouldn’t require any more complex adjustments required from you. Simple maintenance of course, is essential.

Final Reminders

Best buy portable air conditioner provide several benefits and with the stiff competition, they’re now more affordable than ever before. Although the number of choices may seem overwhelming at the start, the fact that you have plenty to choose is actually a good thing. By following the tips in this guide you won’t have any problems finding the right portable air conditioner.

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