Best Through the Wall Air Conditioner For Home

Through the wall air conditioner has been used in homes and offices for a long times now, as it is a very effective air conditioning unit. As the name suggests, it is installed through the wall of the house, and will have the large fan fixed to the external walls of the house. Typically, this wall air conditioner is placed high in the room near the ceiling.

That is because cold air is heavy and it tends to go down. Wall air conditioning units have air direction control that you can use to lead the air where you want it to. A modern wall air conditioner can be operated through a remote controller and is significantly quieter than its older counterparts.

Other features of through the wall air conditioning units are timers which let you keep the unit running for a determined number of hours. The unit automatically shuts down to the standby mode after the preset operating hours is over. Modern thru wall air conditioners are also more energy efficient and are built not to emit harmful chemicals. Wall air conditioners are usually found in smaller rooms. And apart from cooling, wall air conditioners can also be used to increase temperature.

through the wall air conditionerDifferent sizes of wall air conditioner

The power of a through wall air conditioner is valuated in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Choosing a wall air conditioning unit heavily depends on the size of the room. For example, a unit that has 8,000 BTU will do well in a room that has a measurement of 350 square feet. For a room that is as large as 1,435 you will need a unit that has 22,000 BTUs.


Choosing the Right Through The Wall Air Conditioner

Apart from the size of the room, there are other considerations for choosing a wall air conditioner. First is the energy rating. The energy efficiency rating is usually displayed on the unit when it is sold. If you are purchasing it online, you can search for the unit’s specifications. The higher the energy efficiency rating is, the more likely you are to
save on your electricity bill.

An energy efficiency rating of 10 is the highest. Next, you must think about the thickness of your wall. Having a very thick wall can make it difficult for a homeowner to install a wall air conditioner.

Why choose a wall air conditioner?

A through wall air conditioning unit is considered to be more beneficial than a window air conditioner or a portable air conditioner. A wall air conditioning unit is installed with a good tight fit in a sleeve. This through the wall air conditionerway, unwanted drafts are kept out when the unit is off. Also, a wall air conditioner is not as visible as the window unit that creates a big protrusion out of the wall which prevents the window from being entirely opened. This protruding part of the unit may also cause accidents to small children.

Having a wall air conditioner installed in your home adds to its value. Because you are creating a hole where the unit is fitted, it becomes a permanent fixture in your house. If the time comes when you will sell your estate, your buyers will definitely love having a wall air conditioning ready. Installing a Through the wall air conditioner require skill so it is recommended to hire the service of a professional to put your unit in place.


Tips for choosing the best through the wall air conditioner heater

Among the many heating systems that are available in the market today, a wall air conditioner heater is one of the most reliable systems that most people tend to use. These types of heaters come in two categories can either be attached onto the wall or built in the wall depending on the design of the system.

Most modern homes, offices and other establishments that reside in areas where cold winter seasons come every year tend to use these kinds of heating systems for due to the fact that they come with a wide variety of installations to choose from and they are quit affordable as well. However, if you thinking about installing a wall air conditioner heater system, there are few things that have to be taken into account in order to select the best heating system that is suited for a particular room.

Type of energy

Wall mounted air conditioner heater systems are powered by a wide range of energy sources. These range from eco-friendly sources of energy to those that pollute the environment.

Electric units are particular the best when it comes to green heating systems and they are very healthy since no gases are given off while the heating units are on. However, this is not the case with the gas, oil and wood powered wall air conditioner heater systems which tend to emit gases when used to heat a room.

It is therefore important to keep these aspects in mind and seriously consider the kind of energy that your desired in-room heating system comes with.

Heating period

The period that the air conditioner heating system is required for providing warm is also one of the important factors that have to be considered before purchasing a unit. If the cold season lasts for a long time, then it would be a good idea to purchase durable heating units that run for long periods of time will be most ideal.

On the other hand, if you need to heat a small room for short periods of time, then smaller heating units would be suitable or such a situation. It is important to consider the heating period because by choosing the wrong size of the heating system, this could either result in extreme or insufficient heating which is indeed an undesirable circumstance.

The size of the heating area

In order to pick the correct size of the heating system, the area of the room that requires heating has to be well calculated. This helps to know the right wall air conditioner heater system that operates with the right capacity to heat the area under consideration effectively.

These technical details can be hard to work out on your own, especially if you have no knowledge of installing heating systems, but there are professional companies that take all the work from your hands. However, before hiring your desired company, make sure to do a good background check in order to pick out the best.

The calculations and evaluation that go into choosing the best heating system that is ideal for any room should always be conducted by a certified company that has enough expertise in setting up heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. This will save you from having to go through the additional costs of re-installing poorly set up heating systems.


After considering the above factors, you will ultimately have to consider the cost of setting up the wall air conditioner heater system.

This is the last but most important aspect of selecting the best unit since your budget limits you to the kind of heating system that you can get. However when comparing costs for various heating systems make sure to go for well reputed brands in order to be assured of quality.


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