Get Rid of Spiders At Your Home With Spider Foggers

Most of the people suffers from Arachnophobia, described as a sudden fear for arachnids such as spiders or any other eight-legged insects.

Spiders infestation can really be a headache at your home or garden. Even if you have little fear for the spiders you still might want to get rid of these little creatures!

Spiders can be difficult to deal with especially at home since they may hide in places that are hard to access such as cracks on the wall that’s why foggers, also known as bombs are required in cases like these.

Spider bombs releases gas that penetrates deeper in the cracks and any places that spiders hide making them a spider and other pest control.


Why Should You Buy a Spider Fogger?

Spider foggers or bombs are easy to use and might really help you in a great way in controlling pests at your home. Most foggers have qualities such as:

Ease of Use

Spreads faster and act effectively

Most of them doesn’t leave wet residue on the wall

Kills a wide range of spiders and other insects within your home

Others can be used on the outdoors


Effective measures to take

When spider foggers can be effective in pest control they can also be a risk in your home and to family when used improperly. Before using a fogger you might consider the following steps:

All family members or anyone that might come to your premises should be notified so as to reduce the risk of being exposed to the pesticides released form the foggers or spider bombs.

Keep foggers away from flames. Some pesticides can be flammable that’s why you need to keep foggers off from ignition sources such as flames, sparks or electrical appliances. It is recommended to place the foggers 6 feet or more from all ignitions.

Use the recommended amount to avoid accidents at home. Using too much fogging chemicals can lead to buildup of flammable vapors which is very risky. Make sure you read the label carefully to determine the size of your house or place.

Avoid using foggers in small and enclosed areas like counters or closets to avoid unexpected explosions that may lead to property damage.

Make sure to air your home properly before returning to the treated area by opening the doors and windows

Spider bombs are hazardous so no children or pets should be allowed to enter an area while its being treated.

Are Foggers Effective In Bug Control?

Yes. In most cases foggers and bombs are known to work effectively as long as the instructions are used and followed correctly. Make sure you read the label keenly before you set up the bomb

Also, spider fogger and bug bombs created for professional use tend to be stronger than the ones for the general public since they aren’t overly diluted.

How to use a spider Fogger?

For you to achieve full penetration into the crevices where the spiders are hiding make sure you open all the drawers and closets in the rooms that you’re going to be using the foggers and bomb.

Remember to close all the doors and the windows in the room you are applying so as to prevent pesticide leakage to the outside. Then wait outside for the recommended period so you can air the room before returning inside.

Final Verdict

When most spider foggers are said to be effective and lasts longer for up to a certain number of days or weeks, it does not guarantee that all spiders and other insects will stay out of your house for good. Taking all the precautions is always important to fight these pests!

Spider foggers and bombs have their advantages and disadvantages. They can be risky and time consuming when used incorrectly while at the same time, can be good when used correctly and will eventually remove spiders and other bugs from your home.

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