GPS Dash Mount – Which Is The Best?

Whether or not to mount your GPS on the dash or windshield is a dilemma many drivers are facing.

Some prefer to have the GPS unit in a fixed position within their eye range, while others would rather keep it in the glove compartment, on the passenger seat or between the front seats. Hence, some manufacturers no longer ship GPS dash mount kits together with the device, since a lot of their customers won’t be using them.

Drivers who wish to keep the GPS device in a fixed position should use the GPS dash mount, a device meant to securely hold any GPS, cell phone or PDA attached to the vehicle’s dash.

The dashboard mount gives the ability to operate the GPS unit with one hand, on a steady surface, which is particularly useful if the device comes with a touch screen. For semi-permanent GPS dashboard mounts (i.e. mounting the GPS device in a fixed position while being able to remove it at any time, without damaging the dash or the mount kit, to use it on another vehicle), experts recommend suction cup devices.

This type of portable GPS dash mount comes in particularly handy if you drive more than one car (for example, the company’s and your personal one) and only own one GPS device. An alternative non-permanent way of installing the device on the dashboard is with the use of a portable friction dash mount, which Garmin has popularized.

GPS dashboard mount kits can make great gifts for various occasions. They are inexpensive, and come in really handy for GPS users who haven’t bought such a kit together with their Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, or other brand of GPS device.


GPS Dashboard Mount – Buying Considerations

GPS Dash Mount on a carWhen shopping for a GPS dashboard mount, you should look for one that is easy to install. You should be able to do it yourself easily. We all want to get the best value for the dollar spent, so it would be a waste of money to need to have it set up by a car repair shop.

If you are using your cellphone for GPS navigation you might also need to consider buying the gravity activated phone mounts since it’s convenient and more steady.

Don’t get too cheap though, as there are lots and lots of low class GPS dash mount kits out there, which could make your GPS experience miserable. They won’t stick to the dash properly and can jump off when cornering or when driving bumpy roads. We’ve focused on GPS mounts for automobiles in this article, but you should also be aware that there are some dash-type mounts available for marine GPS units, as well.

With the poorly made dashboard mount alternatives, your GPS device could simply fall off if you push its buttons hard. Remember, you need to operate it on a solid surface, and you should get a good dash mounting kit.

Also, when looking for a dashboard mount kit, keep in mind that most online retailers may offer you discounts if you buy similar items together. For example, you can get a discounted GPS dash mount if you buy it together with a GPS device and/or carrying GPS cases.

Also, more and more online shops are beginning to offer rebates if you are a returning customer (i.e. you have purchased from them in the past), will ship the item free if the order is above a certain dollar amount, or may give you incentives for referring your friends and relatives to their products.


Garmin GPS Dashboard Mount

GPS units are more popular than ever. After all, who wants to stop and open a map these days! Actually, who even has time to do this!

Garmin gps dash holderPeople are in a hurry nowadays, and the only way you will be able to really save time is by cutting down on the things that you don’t really need. A GPS unit will keep you from getting lost, and it will also keep you from needing to stop and get directions.

This will save some time, but by installing this Garmin portable friction dashboard mount in your vehicle, you will save even more time by having your GPS unit right in front of you, all the time!

This friction dash mount works well on any dashboard or stable surface. It will hold your GPS unit securely while you drive, keeping your most prized navigational tool as safe as possible.

This GPS dashboard mount will not detach or slide when you take a turn, which will ensure that your GPS will stay where it needs to be, right in your field of view. You can adjust this mount to fit your angle of view, and the ball mount is made to attach to your existing cradle without trouble or difficulty.

Stop putting up with a GPS mount that does not do what you want it to! Why do you even own a navigational tool like that if it is not going to be visible to you when you need to see where you are going?

If you need to stop and pull it out of your bag every time you need directions, you will not really save any time….you might as well look at a map! But with this GPS mount, you can finally see where you need to go INSTANTLY!

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