Are Nike Metcon 3 Good For Gym?

When it comes to gym shoes people can be pretty particular and for good reason. That is because everyone’s feet are different, and in order to perform at one’s best, the shoes have to feel just right. I purchased the Nike Metcon 3 about 4 months ago, and the following review is a record of my experience with the shoes thus far. I truly feel as though these shoes will appease the larger majority of gym goers and I will explain further as to why.

Evolution Of Nike Metcon

When the first Nike Metcons came out they were designed with the GYM in mind. These shoes were created to cover the needs of a wide range of people. Although many dubbed these shoes CrossFit shoes, I believe Nike was just running with the trend, while still keeping the average gym goer in mind. Fast forward to the Nike Metcon 3’s, which are lighter, more durable, definitely better looking, yet flat and stable in order to perform heavy compound lifts such as squats. At the same time, as stated earlier they are durable and more flexible, allowing for great performance in h.i.i.t. and other similar workouts.


What The Metcon’s Are Not Made For

The Nike Metcon 3 are made strictly for the gym. I do not wear them outside of the gym, and I do not play basketball in them, I don’t even run on the treadmill with them. Quite frankly, I don’t run on the treadmill much at all these days, and back when I used to run, I ran outside or on the track. Anyways, these shoes are not made for extreme movements and flexibility such as tennis or basketball. Again, these shoes allow for good movement within the gym and while doing lifting and high-intensity training. If you are going to hit the racketball court or play some basketball after lifting, you should change shoes.


What I Like About The Nike Metcon 3’s

Nike Metcon 3

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So after sporting these shoes for 4 months now, I have to say there is a lot that I like about these shoes. Keep in mind though that is because I only use them two times a week, sometimes three, for leg days and deadlift days. I love most of all how good these shoes look. Also, when doing calf exercises these shoes are great because of how flat they are on the front, they really stimulate the calf muscles. Also when doing squats there is just barely enough lift on the back (very minimal), wherein I can really drive my heels in and activate the quads. And yes there is just the tiniest bit of lift, but they are not like the Nike Romaleos which are too high off the ground in the heel to do a proper deadlift.


What I Don’t Like About The Nike Metcon 3’s

They are very stiff at first; it takes some time to break them in. Again as stated before these shoes are limited, as in they are strictly for the gym, and to go a little further, best for weight lifting, and pretty good for h.i.i.t. But there are more versatile shoes out there which I can use for lifting and at the same time feel more comfortable when jumping around or doing higher mobility movements.



If you are looking for an all-around shoe that looks good and is extremely durable than I highly suggest the Nike Metcon 3’s. Nike offers these shoes for both men and women, and again though they aren’t the most comfortable shoes, from my experience they perform perfectly for weightlifting and certain heavy compound movements. These are a great addition to anyone’s shoe collection, and if worn just a few times a week, strictly at the gym, these shoes can last a decade or more, I’m quite certain of that.

The Total Score
Now I know that is some high praise considering how many amazing gym shoes are out there. However, Nike’s Metcon 3 checks off a lot of features sought out in a pair of high-quality gym shoes. They are durable, look good, allow for good mobility, and built to last for many years if strictly worn within the gym.
Look & Feel
Style Points
Variety Of Colors Offered
  • Look amazing
  • Sturdy feel
  • Durable
  • True to size
  • Takes about two weeks to break in
  • Pricey

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