What Are The Tips For Buying Bidet Toilet Seat? Read This!

Adding a bidet to your home is a HUGE step forward in personal hygiene. North Americans have been slow to catch on to the benefits of using water over paper in their bathrooms. This is nothing more than a cultural norm, and it is beginning to change. In a nutshell, water is more effective, sanitary, and the health benefits will surprise you.

But first, let’s start by explaining exactly what a bidet toilet seat is and how it works. After you understand just how easy and inexpensive it can be to add a bidet seat to your home, you won’t want to wait any longer.

What is a Bidet Seat?

In summary, bidet seats use a stream of water to wash you after using the restroom. The bidet seat is activated by pressing the WASH button on the control panel (or remote control). This will enlarge a wash nozzle beneath you and start the washing feature. When done washing, press the STOP button – the wash nozzle will then rinse itself off and retract back into the bidet seat. Nothing touches you except water.

Today’s bidet seats are actually a modernized version of the original bidet, which were first created in the early 18th century. You may have seen these types of bidets in your travels to Europe. Also known as basin-type bidets, these are actually separate porcelain fixtures which reside next to the toilet.

Tips For Buying Bidet Toilet Seat

Horizontal view of bidet, toilet and shower

Bidet seats on the other hand, are basically high-tech toilet seats which attach to your existing toilet. All you need is to remove your old toilet seat, and fasten your new bidet seat. These types of bidets are especially convenient in North American homes, where bathrooms weren’t designed to handle an additional fixture next to the toilet. Sometimes referred to as a japanese toilet seat, a bidet seat taps into the existing water supply which refills your toilet – so there’s no additional plumbing to install. Bidet seats do require electricity though, so you’ll need to plug it into a nearby outlet.

Several bidet seat features can be customized. For example, if the water stream isn’t getting you in the right spot, you can adjust the nozzle position of the bidet seat backwards or forwards to best suit your body. Water pressure can be adjusted as well, so you can find a setting that’s just right for you. There’s even a water heater inside your bidet seat, so the water temperature is adjustable too. You won’t have to worry about the water being too cold!

Best bidet seat do a lot more than just wash though. For example, it even helps dry you off after washing, as the bidet seat features a built-in air dryer. After you’re done washing, press the DRY button and this will activate the warm air dry. Just like with hand dryers, it will take a couple minutes for you to get completely dry. But if you’re in hurry, just use a little bit of toilet paper to dab off any excess moisture.

How does a toilet seat bidet work?

Essentially, there is a nozzle positioned at the back underside of the seat which sprays a warm jet of water upwards in the direction of your private areas. The seat is connected to a water source (same as your toilet holding tank) and installation is as simple as removing the two bolts that hold the old seat and replacing with your new unit. Most people require a quick visit from the plumber, others will be able to install themselves.

Why doesn’t everyone have a bidet?

Good question. In other parts of the world, water is the preferred method of washing private areas after using the bathroom. Culturally, North Americans have just been really slow to catch on, and the bidet has not been a mainstream choice. There is simply no good reason why everyone doesn’t have a bidet. Using water to clean is better for a number of reasons.

Is a bidet a more effective way to clean?

YES. There is simply no way that paper can do the same job that water can do when cleaning private areas. Imagine only wiping your hands with paper. Bacteria would begin to grow and multiply quickly and pretty soon your hands would be a nasty mess. Everyone washes their hands with water no matter where you live in the world, and for good reason – it’s the most effective way to clean.

What are the health benefits of using a bidet seat?

Tips For Buying Bidet Toilet SeatWhat you are about to read is the most important personal hygiene information, and will change the way you think about using the bathroom. For women and men, there are some very common conditions that result from, or can be exacerbated by, improper or insufficient personal hygiene. Cleaning with with water can reduce the occurrence of these conditions and free you from a pattern of reoccuring infections, diahrrea, hemorrhoids, constipation, yeast infections, and other painful and uncomfortable conditions.


Benefits of using a bidet toilet seat:

    • Reduce the occurrence of Hemorrhoids. Paper irritates the sensitive skin of the rectal area and can inflame and irritate. Water is gentle and soothing, while also cleaning away unwanted bacteria.
    • Improve feminine hygiene. Women will rejoice after discovering the cleansing power of using water on a daily basis. cleaning the vaginal area with water will help reduce the occurrence of yeast infections, urinary infections and vaginal discharge.
    • A bidet is especially helpful during and after pregnancy especially after giving birth, when the vaginal area needs a little TLC.
    • Cleaning effectively after intercourse is a must, but often overlooked. A toilet seat bidet is a simple and effective way to remain fresh and clean after sex, when potentially harmful bacteria and fluids are exchanged. Most commonly, women are prone to urinary tract infections and yeast infections when neglecting to clean properly after sex.
    • Anyone who suffers from diarrhea will ove a bidet toilet seat. Reduce the inflammation caused by frequent trips to the bathroom and wiping with paper.
    • Stimulate movements when constipated. A warm jet of water can help get things moving when suffering from constipation.
    • Post-surgery outpatients who have had operations around the rectal area will find the water soothing and help promote healing.
    • Inexpensive and easy to install. Traditional bidets require more physical space and additional plumbing. A bidet toilet seat uses existing plumbing and can be found onine for under $200.

Final Verdict

These are the main reasons, but there are many other benefits you will discover after you install and begin using your toilet seat bidet. Don’t wait any longer to make the plunge [no pun intended – we hope!] and add a cleansing, soothing, and hygienic choice to add a bidet toilet seat to your home. It’s a decision you will never look back on!

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