Best Treadmill For Home Under 500

Treadmill for home have no doubt been around for some time ever since the first one was invented. Contrary to what you may know, the first treadmills were not used as exercise equipment but rather as prisoner punishment and as power equipment. It was until the 19th century when treadmills were designed as exercise equipment.

There are currently two types of treadmill machines; commercial and residential or treadmill for home. Commercial treadmills tend to be large in size and are designed to be strong in order to sustain regular workouts by multiple users for long hours. They are in most cases non-folding treadmill machines. At times referred to as folding treadmills, treadmill for home tend to be smaller in size and are available in both non-folding and folding models.

This decade has seen a good number of manufacturers design some of the best treadmills that are currently available in the market. Indeed reading through treadmill reviews exposes you to a wide range of treadmills including some of the best folding treadmill machines you can buy for own use at home.


Why Buy a Treadmill For Home?

Home Treadmills Under 500 dollars reviewsYou definitely can not ignore the benefits of having the best treadmill for home use. Best treadmills for home are no doubt vital exercise equipment that provide for efficient aerobic workouts. Indeed having one at home makes it possible for you to set an exercise routine. You will literally be able to run, walk or simply job from the same spot.

There are several health reasons why you need to buy a home treadmill:

  • Allows you to set up a workout regime that you can stick to regardless of weather conditions for good health and body physique.
  • Allows you to undertake lower impact training or exercise compared to running outdoors that puts you at risk of higher impact training, which is certainly not good for your health.
  • Allows you to exercise in a way that you would achieve when exercising outdoors. You can literally set your treadmill machine to provide a continuous ‘uphill’ exercise environment, something impossible when exercising outdoors, which is good health wise.
  • Makes it possible for you to set the machine to a setting that best suits your age and ability.
  • Allows you to track your training or exercise performance. You are literally in a position to ascertain how much calories you burn in addition to obtaining other useful data. This enables you to increase or reduce your exercise intensity, whish is good health wise.
  • The best home treadmill will allow you to exercise while being entertained, which also provides for several health benefits.

Intended Use and Goals

Different individuals have different exercise or training need and you are not exceptional. Your exercise need differs from that of another person. This is why your reason for buying a treadmill for home may differ from another individual’s reason.

You can buy the best treadmill for aerobic exercises such as walking, hiking and running, which you can easily perform using a treadmill or a workout bench. Such exercises improve your cardiovascular health, making it possible for you to have strong heart, healthy muscles, excess weight loss, enhanced immune system, increased body stamina and enhanced mental health among other benefits.

We have endeavored to sample several top treadmills and have managed to come up with three that in our view are the best treadmills that we can recommend. For your benefit, we have looked at different factors including quality, value for money and ease of use among other important factors.


Top 3 Treadmill For Home Reviews

Nordic Track Commercial 1750 Treadmill

This is our top rated treadmill for home from the many treadmills reviews we have undertaken. The treadmill’s design is simply fantastic and it ranks top when it comes to engineering. It is indeed the best treadmills for running according to many treadmill reviews since it provides the same feel you would have when running on the road outdoors.

This mill has a good number of features including a web-enabled color touch screen that delivers personalized training using iFit Technology. Using this treadmill makes it possible for you to access your exercise statistics and your personalized exercise programs in addition to accessing your preferred websites while exercising at home.

Commercial Treadmill by NordiTrack features a spacious 22 x 60 inches tread belt meant for tall runners, and a commercial plus motor that allows you to exercise in a very quiet environment. The belt is engineered and designed to remain in position and is highly resistant to stretch. With an incline range of 3-15%, the treadmill allows you to adjust the belt to be in a position that benefits your exercise need.

In addition to heart rate monitor, this treadmill comes with a powerful 3.75 CHP motor that allows you to exercise in a safe environment for shorter or for longer depending on your exercise need. The motor is designed in such a way that it resides in a case, which goes a long way in reducing vibrations. The motor also features dual cooling fans, meaning very minimal heat. Depending on your training need, you can walk, jog or run at a maximum of 12 MPH.


Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

This is the other treadmill for home by SOLE that has emerged tops in our treadmill reviews. It is a folding treadmill that favored by homeowners and hotel establishments alike due to the fact that it is very stable and highly portable. It comes along with up to six preset exercise programs, two personalized exercise programs and two heart rate programs. For safety purposes, the treadmill features a large stop switch.

This treadmill features a very friendly console that provides for vibrant display. Some of the information you are able to access through the console include machine speed, incline, time, the distance you have covered, your pulse rate, pace and amount of calories you have burned. The console also features built-in speakers on which you can hook any MP3 player to listen to your favourite music while exercising.

This treadmill only weighs 265 pounds and measures 58 inches in height. It has a weight capacity of 375 pounds and is 83 inches long with a width measuring 37 inches. It comes along with a powerful 3.5 CHP DC-type motor. It has an incline range of 0-15% and has a maximum speed of 12 mph. Like with other popular treadmills, this treadmill features a 2-ply belt that is not only resistant to stretch but remains fixed in place firmly.

Smooth 11.35 Treadmill

In our view, this treadmill does not only rank tops in terms of performance. It also ranks the best when it comes to entertainment. It is simply a fitness tool and entertainment hotspot all wrapped up into one beautiful machine. It comes along with a large 10-inch touch screen and Android web browser for watching your preferred TV shows or catching up on latest news in addition to browsing. All these are in addition to the mill’s built-in HD video workouts filmed in Hawaii. These are included to motivate and inspire you as you work out for good health.

In addition to built-in iFit technology, this treadmill comes with a powerful 4.5 CHP commercial pro motor that allows you to exercise for as long as you wish. The motor is designed to provide optimum safety as you workout. This machines also comes along with heart rate monitor complete with wireless chest strap that communicates your heart rate automatically, allowing you to monitor your heart rate as you workout.

The machine also gives you access to intermittent heart rate readings through heart rate sensors located on the machine’s handlebars. In addition to the commercial pro motor, this treadmill is also available with a 20” X 60” 2-ply commercial-grade belt and does a maximum of 12 mph.

What to Look for in a Treadmill For Home

Like with such other equipment as elliptical trainers and stationery bikes, there are different models of treadmills that differ in many areas. It can indeed be a very difficult to choose a treadmill that best suits your exercise need. It therefore pays to read through different treadmill reviews to understand treadmill ratings. There are however specific factors that should allow you to pick just the best treadmill for running.


There are manual and electric treadmills. Of the two, electric treadmill for home happen to be the most common and popular. Although manual treadmills tend to be much cheaper, they are only useful when your exercise need is that of walking and light jogs. Electric treadmills allow you to perform quality exercises.


You no doubt wish to buy a treadmill for home with superb performance and there are several issues to look at for the purpose of identifying the best home treadmill that will serve your exercise need.

  • Track speed – You definitely want a treadmill that makes it possible for you run at high speed, depending on your age and health condition. You may choose to buy a treadmill with a top speed of 10 mph or 12 mph. Such treadmills are available in both medium and high price range.
  • Incline – This is what determines how much calories you can burn in the shortest or longest period of time exercising. It is common to find best treadmills with between 10% and 15% incline. Note also that you are likely to find treadmills with either a small motor that automatically controls the incline or treadmills with manual adjustment control systems.
  • Weight capacity – Most of the best treadmills have weight capacity between 250 and 400 pounds. There is also treadmill for 300 lb person or heavy persons that suit them best. It is always a good idea to buy a treadmill with weight capacity above your own weight. This has the positive effect of not putting too much pressure on the machine, in which case you will be able to use your machine for a long time.
  • Track size – Track size is a very important issue to consider when shopping for the best home treadmill. Treadmill tracks can measure as low as 16 inches in width and 42 inches in length or as high as 42 inches in width and 62 inches in length. It is important to note that a small size both in width and length will only suit you in case your exercise need is that of walking.

You need to pick a treadmill with medium or big size both in width and length if your exercise need is that of running. You particularly need to pick one with the longest track just in case you happen to be tall.

  • Motor – Motor treadmill ratings determine what amount of power a treadmill has and therefore how extensive it can be used for exercise. Generally, motors used on home treadmills have a power rating of between 1.25 horsepower and 4.0 horsepower. These are in most cases expresses as ‘CHP’, meaning continuous horsepower. Pick a treadmill with low horsepower 1.75-2.0 CHP) if your exercise need is that of walking and jogging. The best treadmill for running should have a motor rating of at least 3.0 CHP.
  • Tread belt – A treadmill for home can have a one-ply, two-ply or 4-ply tread belt. One-ply tread belts are light, thin and therefore do not last long. On the other hand, 2-ply and 4-play tread belts turn out to be heavy, thicker and therefore durable.
  • Track cushioning – This is something you need to consider when shopping for a treadmill. Track cushioning is very important since it helps in protecting your joints from resultant impact as you exercise. Indeed some of the top treadmills feature adjustable cushioning, allowing you to choose level of cushioning you need.



Modern treadmill for home come with a good number of features that you need to consider when shopping for one. Indeed some of these features are valuable.

  • Workout programs – Best treadmills for home come with pre-installed workout programs designed for different exercise needs. You can indeed find a treadmill with up to 15 workout programs with each program designed for a specific exercise need such as weight loss and endurance exercises. This is something you need to consider when shopping for a treadmill.
  • Speed & Incline Controls – This is a very important issue to consider when shopping for a treadmill. It is important that you pick a treadmill whose speed and incline you can control with ease. This is particularly important in case you are aged or have a medical condition.
  • Heart Rate Program – Your heart rate is very critical as you exercise using a treadmill. It is very important that you buy a treadmill with a heart rate program that makes it possible for you to monitor your heart rate, depending on your age and any health condition you may have.
  • Progress tracking – There is nothing as great as being able to know whether or not you achieve any progress from your exercises using a treadmill. It is important that you pick a treadmill with a console through which you can access such vital data as exercise time, distance covered, exercise speed and amount of calories you burn.
  • Extras – Different treadmills have different extra features that you need to put into consideration when shopping for one. While there are treadmills that only feature basic features, there are those that feature such features as speakers, touch screen with video capability, TV and interactive video workouts.

Safety Features

Safety is very necessary whether you exercise outdoors, use workout benches or use a treadmill for home. There is really no point of investing in a treadmill that puts you at risk of injury; you would otherwise be better off exercising outdoors on the road.

The good thing with best treadmills is that they come with important safety features such as auto-stop at a push of a button whenever you not something wrong.


It is highly recommended that you buy a treadmill for home under 500 with warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty serves to indicate that a treadmill is of good quality. You can indeed find a treadmill with 90-day warranty or lifetime warranty.


This is certainly on of the most important factors you will consider when shopping for a treadmill. It is important to indicate that it does not pay to buy a treadmill whose price is unbelievingly low. You may just be setting yourself up for disappointment and serious injuries during your training. If need be, save for a quality treadmill that is safe.


Treadmill for home are available in different dimensions. Your best pick will certainly be one that you will be able to store with ease. Note that you have the option of choosing a small, medium (standard) or a large treadmill weight capacity 360.


You really need to make a decision on whether to buy a treadmill that will be stationery or one that you will be able to travel with and therefore portable. This is where you need to consider buying the best folding treadmill or not.

Depending on your exercise need, you will certainly find the best home treadmill that will serve you and probably the rest of your family members for a long time. It is important to note that buying a treadmill for home is really investing in your heath and that of your other family members. This is simply because the benefits that treadmills provide cannot be compared to amount of money you are likely to spend in buying one.


Bowflex Treadmill Reviews

Bowflex has over the years been known for its home gyms that are tension-based. It has however become a major player in production of quality treadmills. Indeed Bowflex treadmills are some of the most popular in the market today. The company has since ceased production of regular treadmills, a move that saw production of Bowflex 3, 5 and 7 Series treadmills come to a stop. The company’s focus is now on Treadclimbers, which are stairclimbers.

What we Like

Although not produced anymore, second-hand Bowflex treadmills that are still on sale are still very popular with buyers. One reason for this is their ease of storage since they fold very easily. Furthermore, they also feature sleek and appealing consoles that come with such extras as cup holders, fans and programmable workouts. Bowflex treadmill Series 7 in particular is loved for its convenience.

According to many Bowflex reviews, Bowflex treadmills are still popular because one is most likely to find a treadmill that best suits his/her training need. For instance, while 3 Series treadmills were are designed for walking exercise and therefore feature 2.5 HP motors, 5 and 7-Series treadmills are designed for joggers and runners respectively and therefore feature 3.0 HP motors.

A Bowflex Treadclimbers is basically a fitness machine that makes it possible for you to burn more calories than you would do using a regular treadmill or a stair climber. According to Treadclimber reviews, a Bowflex Treadclimber is what one intent on losing weight in the shortest time possible would go for.

Tread climber fitness machines generally operate on the basis of dual treadle system that moves downward and upward as one strides on them. The down-upward movement is not designed to be automatic but is rather determined by one’s strides and speed. These are generally low-impact fitness machines that can be used effectively by everyone. According to Treadclimber reviews, use of these machines provide for several benefits including reduced stress on joints, ease of use and great for cardio training among other benefits.

A Bowflex Treadclimber cost can be very exorbitant considering technology used and benefits that the machine provide. However, buying directly from the manufacturer’s website can be less expensive. One is also most likely to find a used Treadclimber for sale, in which case he/she is most likely to buy the same at affordable cost.

What we Don’t Like

Bowflex treadmills and Treadclimbers are generally not designed for runners. For instance, 3 and 5 Series treadmills are only suited for walking and jogging exercises. The 7-Series treadmills are also only suitable for light running exercises. This is the same case with Bowflex Treadclimbers that are simply not designed for use by runners.


Bowflex has over the years earned trust from buyers because of its quality treadmills. Its 7-Series treadmills are indeed still very popular. Although generally expensive, it is not difficult for one to find a used Treadclimbers by Bowflex that is affordable. Indeed how much is a Treadclimbers is determined by several factors including where one buys from. In this regard, a Bowflex Treadclimbers price can be high or affordable depending on similar factors.

Compact Treadmill

Compact treadmills have over the years been the choice of those with limited workout space to train, those who prefer to move with their treadmills when they travel, those who workout at their offices/business premises and those who simply want to have light inexpensive treadmills. This is why these treadmills are to b found in apartments, and offices.

What We Like

If there is one thing that we like about Compact treadmills is their compact design. They turn out to be the best treadmills for anyone who does not have the luxury of having enough space that can accommodate bulky treadmills. Such people no doubt want to have a treadmill that they can fold and possibly keep in a closet and that is what a Compact treadmill is all about.

However, not each and every Compact treadmill is compact. There are models that have a depth well over 2 feet when folded. The other good thing about these treadmills is their portability. Most Compact treadmills turn out to very slim and can therefore be moved around very easily. These treadmills also turn out to be some of the most affordable, which makes it possible for those with limited financial resources to at least have training equipment.

What We Don’t Like

Compact treadmills come with very weak motors. These machines are mostly available with motors that provide for no more than 2.0 CHP. Although the small motors contribute to the machines’ lightness and portability, the machines can only be used for light training and at slow speed.

Unlike other brands of treadmills, Compact treadmills also feature small decks, meaning that tall and heavy trainers cannot use them. In any case, they only turn out to be walking treadmill machines.

Exercise equipment needs to be very stable in order to withstand heavy training impact and keep a trainee safe. This is something that Compact treadmills provide for. These machines feature small sized rollers, which goes to reduce their level of stability.


Compact treadmills no doubt provide for some benefits. In addition to saving on space, they are light and therefore highly portable. They are indeed small treadmills that one can travel with without any difficulty. They are also some of the most affordable treadmills in the market. However, these treadmills are only suitable for light and short people whose training need is that of walking. Even so, such people may not train effectively because of weak motors available on these treadmills. Anyone looking for a small treadmill may need to shop for a different brand that is more stable and has a powerful motor.


Horizon Treadmill

Horizon treadmills are designed and produced by Johnson health, no doubt a world leader in fitness equipment. Horizon treadmills in the past received very negative reviews especially on their level of performance and overall quality. Such reviews were not wrong. Apart from tracks that were simply small in size, Horizon treadmills were avoided because of their weak motor, which simply means that they were not powerful enough for effective training.

Johnson Health must have listened since current Horizon treadmills in the market have been greatly improved. While these treadmills now come equipped with at least 2025 CHP motors, their tracks now measure either 55 inches or 60 inches in length.

What We Like

Each Horizon treadmill has automatic incline, three-zone cushioning and many built-in workout programs. As has already been indicated, these treadmills feature full tracks; they are suitable for those whose training need is walking or running. Quality of these tracks is of special mention. While tracks on some models require maintenance, tracks on other models require no maintenance.

Like with other top treadmills, Horizon treadmills feature enhanced consoles complete with cup holders, reading racks, color touch screens and music speakers. The other great thing about latest Horizon treadmills is that they are all folding treadmills, meaning that they are easy to set up, store or travel with.

What We Don’t Like

In our view, level of warranty on some Horizon treadmills is simply minimal compared to other treadmills by other manufacturers but of the same class. Even though the manufacturer has done a great job in improving its treadmills, it has certainly failed to address its level of customer support. This is indeed something that has been pointed out by many Horizon fitness treadmill reviews.


Horizon treadmills cannot be said to be some of the best treadmills in the market. However, they turn out to be suitable for beginners. They are indeed a good choice for anyone looking for an affordable treadmill.

NordicTrack Treadmill

Established in 1975, Nordic Track has over the years earned the positive reputation of designing and producing innovative ski machines. Four different categories of NordicTrack machines are currently available; C-Series, Elite Series, Commercial Series and Incline trainer treadmills.

What We Like

NordicTrack Commercial Series treadmills are rated as some of the best treadmills in the market. Treadmills in this series are available with very powerful motors and valuable warranty. Treadmills in this series have some of the best features that anyone intent on training looks forward to in a treadmill. These include inclines, workout programs, declines, quality tracks and web-enabled touchscreens complete with TV.

According to NordicTrack treadmill reviews, the company’s Elite-series of treadmills enjoy similar rating as that enjoyed by Commercial-series treadmills. The company’s Elite-series treadmills are noted for their high standard and precision. These treadmills are particularly noted for their calibrated cushioning, highly enhanced consoles and powerful motors. Like with Commercial-series treadmills, these treadmills are also iFit-ready.

Of all Nordic Track treadmills, the C-Series treadmills happen to be the most popular by both low and middle-income earners. This is simply because they are the most affordable. The E-series treadmills generally feature 3.0 CHP motors and tracks measuring 55 inches in length, making them the best powerful walking and jogging treadmills anyone can find.

Many NordicTrack reviews rate the manufacturer’s treadmills very highly and for good reason. Regardless of series, these treadmills are constructed using high quality commercial-grade parts. Apart from powerful motors, they feature great consoles pact with numerous features including workout programs. They are also some of the best treadmills when it comes to incline training that has the positive benefit of boosting metabolism and toning body muscles. The tracks too are special since they have adjustable cushioning, which is simply great. Furthermore, each and every Nordic Track treadmill is available with very attractive warranty including lifetime guarantee on motor and frame.

What We Don’t Like

Although compact, of high quality and have exemplary performance, some Nordic Track treadmills are simply too big and consume a lot of space. Furthermore, assembling some of these treadmills can be a challenge and one may be obligated to hire extra hands, which is no doubt an extra cost.


Although each NordicTrack treadmill is unique in its own way, there is no denying the fact that each one is a high quality treadmill. Indeed different people with different training need will find a Nordic treadmill that best suits his/her training need.


Precor Treadmill

Precor, which is a USA-based company, has since been designing and producing innovative fitness equipment that are now common in hotel establishments, commercial gyms and residential homes. The company was the first to introduce ergonomic rowing machines in 1980 before making history as the first company to introduce elliptical trainers in 1990. It is important to note that Precor was also the first company to incorporate electronics on fitness equipment.

What We Like

Precor has over the years made available different models of Precor treadmills both entry and top-of-the-range treadmills. One great thing about these treadmills is their track cushioning. Having been the first company to introduce cushioned tracks, Precor has made it a practice to produce treadmills that provide for safe training by way of reduced impact running.

The treadmills’ adjustable incline/decline feature is also very useful since it serves to replicate outdoor running, allowing one to enhance his/her metabolism in addition to toning leg muscles. A user only needs to adjust the incline/decline by simply pressing a button.

According to many Precor treadmill reviews, the consoles available on Precor treadmills can only be compared to consoles found on top-range commercial-grade treadmills. The consoles provide for customizable workout programs including heart rate control workouts. These treadmills also come with powerful commercial-grade motors that sustain regular use, heavy-weight trainees and regular high speeds. A Precor treadmill has a motor with a minimum rating of 3.0 CHP that has a lifetime warranty.

What We Don’t Like

Precor treadmills are no doubt good training machines. They however lack such special features as LCD color touch screens, TV, speakers that are synonymous with popular treadmills that appeal to buyers.


Precor treadmills are no doubt in the same rank as some of the best treadmills in the world in terms of performance. This is indeed evident in many other Precor treadmill reviews. They are indeed durable, easy to use and have valuable safety features. However, some of them are very expensive and lack multimedia features.


ProForm Treadmill


ProForm treadmills are no doubt some of the most popular treadmills in the market today. It is indeed not surprising that ProForm treadmills have been endorsed as the official training and fitness equipment by some organizations and sport organizers.

The ProForm brand of treadmills has been improved over the past few years. Indeed according to ProForm treadmill reviews, this brand is noted durability, high performance level and relative affordability.

What We Like

One great thing about Pro Form treadmill brand is the fact that there different treadmills, which makes it possible for everyone to find a treadmill that best suits his/her training need. Buyers are literally able to find a treadmill for walking exercise, running exercises and marathon exercise.

Of all ProForm brand of treadmills, Marathon treadmills happen to be the most expensive and for good reason. A ProForm treadmill in this series is not only compact and therefore durable but is also powerful enough to support long hours of training. Interestingly, treadmills in this class are available with built-in marathon training programs that are beneficial to both beginners as well as elite professional athletes. Treadmills in this class feature automatic incline/decline, HD video workout programs filmed in spectacular locations including Boston Race Course and a 10-inch color touchscreen.

Second in line of ProForm brand of treadmills are the performance-series treadmills. While Marathon treadmills are popular with elite professional athletes, performance-series treadmills are popular with those who wish to have top treadmills at affordable price. A treadmill ProForm in this class has a SpaceSaver design and can be folded easily to create more floor room. These treadmills feature workout fans, iPod ports and heart rate monitors among other vital features.

Anyone shopping for a powerful treadmill should take comfort in the fact that ProForm brand treadmill in the Power-series fits the bill. Apart from powerful 3.5 CHP motor, treadmills in this class also feature a track measuring 20-inches wide and 60-inches long track, which is roomy enough for effective training. Furthermore, treadmills in this series are iFit-ready.

Apart from ProForm Marathon treadmills, the Pro-series class of ProForm treadmills happen to be the other treadmills that are constructed with high precision. Apart from powerful motors, these treadmills come along with many beneficial features and are iFit-ready.

What WE Don’t Like

ProForm brand of treadmills are generally quality treadmills worth investing in. However, some treadmills come with very limited warranty. Reading through any ProForm treadmill review also brings out the element of poor customer service especially when it comes to when repairs are required.


The ProForm brand of treadmills is a quality brand that anyone intent on achieving quality training can consider investing in. Indeed, one is bound to find a ProForm treadmill that suits his/her training considering that there are those designed for walking, jogging, running and marathon exercises.


Sears Treadmill

Sears is one company that offers a huge number of fitness equipment in the market. These include different brands of treadmills including Nordic Track, HealthRider, Landice and Bladez among many others. The company offers both economy and high-end fitness equipment machines that fulfill fitness need of different people. One thing that most buyers have come to appreciate the company for is its attractive discounts on all its equipment.

What We Like

One thing we like about Sears treadmills is the convenience that one has when buying a Sears treadmill. Buyers literally have the equipment they buy shipped to them directly. This is no doubt different when buying other brands of fitness equipment where one is required to collect such equipment from a local store or outlet.

The other great thing about a Sears treadmill is pricing. Sears offers buyers very competitive prices, something that has made it possible for many to buy Sears fitness equipment including treadmills. One can indeed buy a Sears treadmill at very affordable prices so long as he/she buys directly from the manufacturer.

The wide selection of fitness equipment that Sears offers is definitely something worth writing about. With over fifty treadmill lines in the market, every buyer has access to a treadmill that best suits his/her training need.

What We Don’t Like

Although Sears has tried to make available different models of treadmills suiting different people with different training needs, some of its old models would do with some improvement. Some old models have stuck in the same way that they were introduced without any enhancements. The other thing relates to shipping. There are also some treadmills sears that are not shipped directly to buyers.


Sears offers a wide range of quality treadmills right from entry-level to top-of-the-range treadmills that are but simply luxurious. We highly recommend these treadmills to anyone looking forward to a treadmill that is stable, affordable and highly performing.


Smooth Treadmill

Smooth Fitness was in the past one of the major players in the fitness equipment market producing some of the best equipment that is still in use and sale today. The company was indeed very active on the Internet through which it sold thousands of fitness equipment including treadmills and elliptical trainers, most of which were sold through affiliates.

What We Like

One notable thing about Smooth treadmills is weight, which is something good. These treadmills are built large and have very stable frames, meaning stability as one exercises. They also come with patented absorption feature that literally serves to absorb impact of training, which in effect reduces any pain on one’s knees. The level of customer support that Smooth Fitness provided is was also something very positive that encouraged buyers to buy these treadmills.

These treadmills are not only large and stable; they are also high performers. With exception of Smooth 5.65 treadmill, all Smooth treadmills are available with powerful 3.0 CHP motor that provides for long hours of training at both low and high speed. Furthermore, these treadmills accommodate heavy weight and handle trainees of up to 400 pounds. Although these treadmills were and are still sold at a price range of $5,000, it is possible for one to buy them at between $1,000 and $3,000, which is no doubt affordable for those with limited financial resources but want to have quality training equipment.

Like other popular treadmill brands, one is most likely top find a smooth treadmill that suits his/her training need. Furthermore, they feature track sizes measuring 55 inches in length by 20 inches in width or 62 inches in length by 20 inches in width. These treadmills are also designed to be compact, meaning that one can fold them easily for ease of storage. These treadmills still tank among the best taking into account the fact that they are available with varied entertainment features including LCD TV and MP3 players.

It should not be forgotten that Smooth Fitness provided some of the best warranties on their treadmills including lifetime warranty on frame and parts and two-year warranty for home service. These level of warranty simply serves to indicate that these treadmills are of the highest quality anyone can find.

What We Don’t Like

Smooth treadmills are no doubt superb training equipment. However, they are simply heavy and moving with them is a problem. Furthermore, they lack iFit technology, which most trainees look forward to having in a treadmill.


Although no longer produced, we highly recommend Smooth treadmills to anyone shopping for a quality and long-lasting treadmill. We particularly recommend these treadmills to those who are heavily built and looking for affordable training equipment.


Sole Treadmill

Sole is not a well established player in the treadmills market. Even so, Sole treadmills have become very popular in the hospitality industry. Indeed, Sole treadmills were initially meant to be used in hotel and resort establishments. It is from the positive feedback by hotel and resorts guests that encouraged Sole Fitness to start designing and manufacturing treadmills for residential use. Sole treadmills are now to be found in hotels, resorts and homes in all regions of the world.

Sole brand of fitness equipment is currently made up of eight different treadmill models, five elliptical models and a range of exercise bikes. All these products are constructed using high quality parts. Sole Fitness also happens to be the only fitness equipment manufacturer that provides the best warranties on all its fitness products including treadmills.

What We Like

Each and every Sole treadmill is constructed using high quality commercial-grade parts that are otherwise only seen in heavy-duty treadmills. This simply means that these treadmills are very durable. These are also very powerful machines considering that they are available with powerful commercial-grade 3.5 HP motors, motors that are cooled off by heavy-duty flywheels, making possible for the motors to last for a long time. It is also encouraging that these motors are virtually quiet during operation.

The other great thing about Sole treadmills is the fact that they all come with 62-inches long and 20-inches wide tracks, which no doubt provides for enough room for effective training. Furthermore, Sole’s CushionFlex technology is reported to be the best in the industry since it reduces joint impact by up to 40%, which is the highest impact reduction anyone can find with any treadmill.

The design of Sole treadmills is also something worth talking about. These treadmills are stable and constructed in such a way that most of them can be folded to save floor space. They also come with a good number of features including audio ports, controls strategically located on their armrests and heart rate monitors.

The other great thing about Sole treadmills is their warranty, which is simply unbeatable. Apart from 30-year warranty on motor, buyers also have lifetime warranty on frame and deck and five-year warranty on rollers, belts and all electronics. This is in addition to a two-year warranty on labor.

What We Don’t Like

It is very difficult to find faults with Sole Fitness treadmills. The only ‘fault’ with these treadmills is the fact that Sole entry-level treadmills have very limited features compared to other top Sole treadmills.


Sole treadmills are constructed using commercial-grade parts including motors. They are no doubt some of the top-rated treadmills in the treadmill market and we recommend them to anyone shopping for a quality and durable home treadmill.


Weslo Treadmill

Produced by ICON Health and Fitness, Weslo brand of treadmills happen to be the most affordable treadmills anyone shopping for low-cost training equipment can find. One can easily buy a Weslo treadmill at a price low as $500.

What We Like

As has already been indicated, Weslo treadmills are simply affordable. This is the only brand of treadmill that has been sold for as low as $200. That low price is certainly beneficial considering that not everybody is in a position to buy either the middle-range or top-range treadmills whose prices are simply high. That low price has made it possible for many individuals from around the world at least have equipment they can use to train effectively.

The other thing that we like about Weslo treadmills is their space-saving nature. These treadmills can be folded vertically to save floor space.

What We Don’t Like

One thing that we do not like with Weslo treadmills is their manual nature. In a move to make available affordable treadmills, ICON saw it fit to omit incline motors. One is obligated to adjust a treadmill manually in order to train on an incline.

The other thing that we do not like about these treadmills is their weak power, which makes these machines only suitable for walking and jogging exercises. They are simply not designed for running exercises. Most of these treadmills come with 2.0 HP motors, something that makes most people avoid the machines. Furthermore, these machines have limited top speeds. For instance, the brand’s top model has a top speed of only 8 mph.

The other area where we find these treadmills very compromising is in track size. Weslo treadmills are just small for effective training. Most of these machines feature tracks measuring 45 inches in length by 16 inches in width. Furthermore, these machines do not have any warranty. Buyers only have the option of returning equipment within 30 days for refund in case they are dissatisfied.


We do not rate Weslo treadmills that highly. These machines are simply not built to last. Indeed according to other Weslo treadmill reviews, it is because they are not built to last that they are sold at very low prices. They not only have limited features but are manual and are only suitable for those whose training need is walking and jogging.


What of Electric Treadmill For Home?

An electric treadmill is a ve for homery common exercise machine that most people would own in their homes. Most people would choose to own an electric treadmill as it is much easier to use and would suit everyone in the home including children (of course under the watch of adults) unlike other equipment such as weight related machines that mostly only fits the adults.

When you own an electric treadmill, where would you choose to place it? There are many corners in the house that could be used to place an electric treadmill. Let’s consider the following suggestions:

We could place the treadmill in the living room. Generally, the living room is the place where everyone in the family would gather. Some families gather in the living room to watch TV, some gather for family activities, some gather for meals and some might even gather for family meetings and discussions. In simple terms, living room is where all family members do a common activity together.

When you place an electric treadmill in the living room, it functions not only as simple as an exercise machine, but also a machine that would bring a family closer together. Imagine the whole family doing workout together, wouldn’t it be a very warm and cozy sight to watch? We could maybe have a father working on the treadmill and other members of the family doing other things besides. Then with a determined father on the treadmill, other members would be motivated or encouraged emotionally to join.

As a result, other family members will take turns working out on the machine, sweating and resting together. Therefore, by putting the electric treadmill in the living room, it does not only tighten the bond among the family members, it also helps to encourage everyone to work their body.

Home Electric Treadmill

Home Electric Treadmill

However, some prefer doing workout in isolation. Doing exercise alone is good with the concentration towards the body movements and the breathing to maximize the effects of exercising. Thus, some would prefer to place the machine in a more isolated place, perhaps in the bedroom.

By placing it in the bedroom, one tends to workout when all other matters are done. This is because, a bedroom, is where we rest after a day of work and activities. So, there is the tendency that one would prefer to do the workout before bed. This is to a certain extent good as after some workout, one could sleep better. By exercising before bed, one could, through exercise, let out the bad omen of the day then have a good night sleep. With this, one not only has a good night sleep, but having a healthier body through exercising right and sleeping well.

Besides these two more common places, some would also consider placing the machine in a special room meant for exercising together with other exercising equipments and machines. With this, the house would seem more organized and systematic without having all furniture and things in the wrong place or mixed together.

One would also consider placing the machine on an opened verandah. As by placing the machine at an open space, one would take in more fresh air, prolonging the period of exercise as the capacity of lungs is filled faster with a smoother flow of air and thus feel tired slower.

Other places to consider could be the study room, a special room set aside for family gatherings such as karaoke room, activity room and etc. As to where to place an electric treadmill in the home would definitely depend on the preference of individuals. Perhaps some might even have more creative or exotic corners for it.


Benefits Of Having An Electric Treadmill At Home

The awareness towards the benefits of exercising has been increasing. People know and are more aware now towards the importance of exercising and the impact without exercising. Thus, today, many are going all out on workouts whether on a smaller or a bigger scale. Consequently, we get to see lots and lots of home exercise equipments mushrooming today. This is due to the fact that although people are aware of the importance of exercising, they are however still bound with work and other daily activities that leave them with limited time. Thus, home exercise becomes a favourite exercise options.

There are a variety of home exercise equipments, such as abs equipments, exercise balls, exercise bikes, yoga equipments, elliptical trainer, treadmills, exercise bands and etc in the market today for us to choose. The most common and family-friendly would be the treadmills series. Most would prefer the electric or motorized treadmill that is less straining where manual treadmill requires one to pull the belt using their own footsteps.

Electric Treadmill For Home

Electric Treadmill For Home Use

I would prefer to buy an electric or a motorized treadmill as well compared to other home exercise equipments. One main reason is that an electric treadmill is easier to use and it is suitable for the whole family. I guess everyone who is physically whole have no problem with running, jogging or walking. With an electric treadmill, we could set the speed to one that suits us, according to our individual body fitness and preference. Thus, everyone could use it without having to worry that it might be too heavy, or too fast, or require certain specific skill or knowledge.

Apart from that, I would also choose an electric treadmill as my home exercise equipment as the workout done on a treadmill is more whole than most of the home exercise equipments that focus on parts of the body. For example, dumbbells are for building biceps muscles, abs equipments are for the abs and etc. With running being the basic workout on a treadmill, I could work the whole body, although more strain goes the feet. Anyway, an electric treadmill would be the more ‘wholesome’ equipment as compared to the rest.

In addition, with an electric treadmill for home under 500, the workouts can be set according to the physical fitness and heart beat. Therefore, I would not have to worry as when I do running or jogging in the field that I might run too fast or too long or not enough for me. I would be guided with the help of workout buttons on the treadmill.

Owning an electric treadmill at home makes workout more convenient. I do not need to worry about the weather or having no company when going for jogging in the field. I do not need to worry about showing off the imperfect body or less professional workout approach to a bunch of strangers in the gym. I could workout at my own ease and relaxed mode at home with the pleasure of a roof (no worries about weather) and perhaps some entertainment (music or TV) having no worries about no company to join for the workout.

Therefore, when choosing to own home exercise equipment, I would prefer the electric treadmill that gives me a more ‘wholesome’ workout, that gives me the pleasure of doing workout at ease and relaxed at home with no worries of weather or embarrassment.


Electric Treadmill vs Outdoor Running

An electric treadmill for home is probably the most widely owned exercise machine in the house. I have several friends who have such equipment at home. It might not be the cheapest exercise machine, but it is probably the easiest one to use, as what is so difficult about walking or running on a conveyor belt.

I’ve always seen people running on treadmill and it seems so easy and relaxed. They could watch TV, eat and talk with others at the same time. I never really grow much interest to an electric treadmill as I think that it is just another one of those over-promoted workout equipment. I could go to the stadium or even the park or even at my house and do the same workout, what’s so difficult about walking around at the same place anyway.

Running On Electric Treadmill

Running On Electric Treadmill

However, after a first encounter with an electric treadmill, I definitely changed my mind about electric treadmill. Working on an electric treadmill is quite unlike running or jogging or walking on the track. It strains the muscle more than merely running on our own and you tend to get more tired on an electric treadmill than the running tracks. Thus, it creates better results.

For that one time at a friend’s house, everyone got bored and got on board an electric treadmill to have some running fun. I saw that they all had a great time but when they eventually stepped down, they were all panting and feeling their loud heart beat, even for those who only ran for ten minutes. So, it got me curious and aroused my interest in trying.

I got on the machine and started to run, well, wanting to run though. However, it was kind of hard and my friend told me to tune up the speed. Then I figured that the conveyor belt was moving too slow and since I was walking faster than it, I was actually pulling it rather than it helped pushed me. So I tuned the speed up slowly, and picking up my running pace slowly too. The higher the speed, the smoother I ran, and the lighter I felt. Imagine running while flying, wouldn’t it be light? Well, it felt something like that.

I ran for ten minutes then slowed down and eventually stopped. Though only for ten minutes, the effect was obvious. Though the running was light and easy, but when I stopped, I could feel the tiredness and the strain and my heart was beating real fast and hard as if I had been running for half and hour.

Then, eventually I realized that though I didn’t feel tired at the time of running, I was actually using up more energy than I expected. The machine helped to start off the workout slowly then pick up pace then slowed down slowly, which is the typical way of doing workout where one start off with warm up activity then ends with cooling down exercise. Once starting to run, one has to complete all three stages for the whole workout to come to an end. In addition, while running, I only thought of stopping when I really felt the tiredness. Thus, unconsciously I had run more and used more energy than I normally would when jogging in the park.

For an amateur jogger like me, an electric treadmill would definitely help in my workout as I don’t get to do running simply but doing in stages. In addition, I wouldn’t have much excuse to not commit to jogging once I own one at home.


Should You Buy an Electric Treadmill for home?

Electric Treadmill

Electric Treadmill

Electric treadmill for home are an excellent piece of fitness equipment and a must have for any personal home gym. Gym World, Sport & Leisure UK, and Exercise Equipment are all online retail sites offering top quality treadmills at affordable prices. For a low budget price, the Reebok i-Run Plus is a treadmill that is best operated by the average user.

For a medium budget, the Tunturi T 20 offers a strong 2.5 HP, a 12% incline, and up to a 10mph speed. For a higher end budget, the Tunturi T 40 is made especially for fitness enthusiasts who have to have the best. It possesses a 3HP motor, a 12% incline, and a top speed of 12 mph. It also includes excellent durability, added comfort, and heart rate programmed and sensors.

Electric treadmill for home or motorized treadmills are a great addition to your home gym. They offer convenience for those who have difficulty getting to a gym. For those cold and rainy days, running indoors is a must. Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill offers a low-impact workout, as most treadmills reduce stress of the joints. The physical benefits include getting you in top shape while improving your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular system. Other physical benefits include body fat loss, toning of leg muscles, burning of excess calories, and increased energy.

Should You Buy an Electric Treadmill?

Should You Buy an Electric Treadmill?

Once you have made the decision to purchase an electrical powered treadmill, there are a few points to consider. The motor must be a minimum of 1.5 horse power and be suitable for people weighing up to 18 stones, or 252 pounds. For those who are heavier, a bigger motor is necessary, as the higher the horse power, the more efficiently it will operate.

The speed range will depend on individual fitness levels. A walker will need one that runs at least 0-6 mph. Most people use a treadmill with a 1-10 mph range, and for the more serious runner, a range of 6-12 mph is more suitable. The incline range should be a minimum of 0-10% power incline. Most treadmills offer electronic data, such as distance, time, and speed displays. Also available are treadmills with pre-set workouts that target specific goals. Depending on the size of your budget, higher end treadmills can record workouts and include heart rate programmes. A one year warranty is necessary, and you’ll need to choose a brand that offers a good belt thickness, shock absorption and running surface length.

In conclusion, investing in an electric treadmill is the best option for those on a path to better fitness.


Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Treadmill for Home

There are many things for you to consider when buying an electric treadmill. There are many different styles, brands, and options to choose from.

One thing to consider when buying an electrical powered treadmill is how it is going to be used. Is the treadmill for your personal use only or will there being others using it? How often will it be used? Will it be used for walking only, or will it be used for jogging/running?

When considering the use of your motorized treadmill, considering the amount of shock absorption and the width and ply of the tread belt can be useful. Usually jogging requires better shock absorption and a wider, two ply belt. This makes jogging/running safer and more comfortable.

You may want to consider whether or not you want to keep your treadmill open when not in use. If not, you will want to consider a treadmill that folds up. A treadmill that folds up can be handy when moving it, when cleaning around it, as well as saving space.

Running on an Electric Treadmill

Running on an Electric Treadmill

You may want to consider the top speed of the motorized treadmill and the horsepower of the motor, especially if you are going to jog/run on the treadmill. Also, some motors are noisier than others, so depending on your situation, the noise of the motor may be an issue for you. Many stores, especially sporting goods stores, have treadmills set up that you can try out before buying one.

You may want to consider how much money you have to spend on the treadmill, what options are available, which options are important for you, which options you can do without, or you may want all of the options. Also, you may want to consider the warranty on the treadmill.

Different electric treadmills have different options. There are many options to choose from. Some of these options include manual or power incline, different types of heart rate monitors, LED or LCD settings, CD players, preset programs and manually set programs, and iFit. A heart rate monitor is important to have, as is a starting key that fastens to your clothing so it pulls out and stops the treadmill automatically should you fall. Many of the other options are for convenience, fun, or a better overall workout.

Different stores have different offers and prices, so shop around until you are able to find the electric treadmill that will best fit your needs at a price you can afford.

Treadmill Training Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

To Lose Weight With Treadmil

One of the best and easiest ways to lose weight is by walking and running. One of the best ways to exercise your walking and running is by using a treadmill and more specifically an electric treadmill. Treadmill is very easy to use by everyone, both beginners and experts. Many weight loss experts suggest using the treadmill to accelerate your weight loss efforts. Treadmill training can be done in the comfort of our own home; it is safe, fun, accurate and not affected by other factors (e.g. weather conditions).

To lose weight by using the treadmill you have to follow some guidelines to make sure that you make the most of your exercise. These tips on weight loss are presented below:

1. Be consistent. To lose weight with treadmill exercise you need to be consistent. Maintain a regular training schedule of about 45 minutes per day for at least 4 days per week. Take note of how many calories you lose by following this pattern. If you want faster results increase the duration and frequency of exercise.

2. Combine your training with a healthy diet. Although the benefits of treadmill training are a lot especially for weight loss, for better results you need to combine your training with a healthy diet. Do not just really on the treadmill training alone. Treadmill is a very good tool to assist you in your efforts. Diet is another tool and for better results you have to do both. Watch what you eat, eat less and exercise more are the keys of weight loss success.

Running on the electric treadmill

Running On The Electric Treadmill

3. Exercising on the treadmill is easy even for beginners. It is better though to inform your doctor that you are going to start exercising. You may need to complete some tests to ensure that you do not have any health problems that can be forbidding. If everything is ok start slowly and increase the intensity of the exercise gradually. Most electric treadmill has great fitness programs for beginners you can take advantage off.

4. While running on the treadmill make sure that your body position is comfortable. Having a comfortable position will allow you to increase your pace and burn more calories. Some tips regarding your body position while running are:

Keep your head up, straight up your neck and look in a front (a TV in front of the treadmill can help you do achieve that better) Your arms should swing naturally close to your body like when running on the track.   Do not make too long or too short steps. Keep a steady pace and make sure that your steps are firm

5. Besides losing calories exercising on the treadmill will help you to increase your metabolism. By improving your metabolism you assist the fat burning process and thus you have better results faster. With diet alone you cannot burn fat. You need to exercise in order to burn fat and the treadmill is one of the best ways to do this.

There are a lot of ways to use a treadmill for exercise. The above tips on weight loss will help you get started with your treadmill.


Benefits of a Home Workout Solution

  • Treadmills are the longest standing pieces of cardio based exercise equipment – Other pieces of cardio equipment haven’t been around as long and are much earlier in their development. Treadmills have been around forever, and the manufacturers have had plenty of time to innovate.
  • Running is natural – As humans, we have evolved to walk and to run. Moving in any manner is good for us, but we didn’t evolve by mimicking elliptical or rowing movements. We ran and walked before learning anything else. It’s a basic movement.
  • Treadmills are simple – I’m over simplifying, but you have a belt, you have a motor. As far as cardio equipment goes, there is less to go wrong with a treadmill than any other, more complicated pieces of exercise equipment. Simplicity means easier maintenance and less costly repairs.
  • Cost – Since a treadmill is a much more basic design than an elliptical, for example, you can generally get a higher quality piece of equipment for less of a dent in your pocket.
  • Options – You can get a basic entry level model (best for those starting out) or you can invest in one with a lot of bells and whistles. The choice is yours.

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