Tribe 11 Piece Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands help take your workouts and fitness to the next level. Don’t get me wrong I love lifting weights, but resistance bands make me, scratch that, make US better, all around athletes. That’s because they allow us to add another dimension to our workout routines. They allow us to hit muscles we don’t always reach and incorporate the type of mobility we don’t always achieve with conventional weights. So after doing my research online, I decided to invest in the Tribe 11 Piece Resistance Band Set from Amazon.


Straight out the box the set included a medium sized drawstring bag, resistance bands, ankle straps, handles, and a door anchor. The set includes 5 different levels of resistance bands, labeled accordingly, from extra light to extra heavy. There was no strong odor, no odor at all really from the bands, which was pretty cool. Everything arrived in tact, and all seemingly in good working condition.

At First Look

Tribe 11 Piece Resistance Band Set

Everything looked good and in working order. The instruction manual was bare though, and really had no instructions to speak of on it. It listed the included parts of the set, and on the back side had a few images of how the bands could be used. The images though do not really help those who have never used resistance bands, or those of whom are relatively new to using them. It would have been nice to see a more in-depth instruction manual. Other than that, the variety of resistance levels were up to par, and the length of the bands was what I expected them to be.


Upon testing out the product, I realized the bands are of extremely good quality and durability. That is the most important aspect of resistance bands in my opinion. Now one issue I had is that the ankle straps did not have enough velcro for those who have skinnier ankles such as myself. So the strap around my ankles is a tad bit loose. Although it still works, I prefer that strap to be tightly wound around my ankle. Doing curl exercises and should and chest exercises with the handles were quite nice, and I could feel a good pump when going through the motions. I even did some donkey calf raises with the band anchored under the legs of a bench, and the band itself straddled over my lower back. I did this with the medium level resistance band and it held up real nice.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on these bands are they do exactly what they are supposed to do. The product description is accurate, and at the time of purchase ($22.00), I feel as though these were a great value. They are very durable, seemingly long lasting, and offer just the right amount of variety in terms of resistance levels. My only two gripes with this product is one, the instruction manual is not really a manual at all, and two, the ankle straps weren’t made with chicken leg ankles such as mine, in mind.

Our score

The Tribe 11pc Resistance Band Set includes 5 different levels of resistance, 2 ankle straps, 2 soft grip handles, a door anchor, and a drawstring bag. Each resistance band includes hooks on both sides, is of medium length, strong and labeled according to their respective resistance level.

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