Wall Mount for Phones – What Are They Used For?

Wall mounted phones are phones that actually mount directly to the wall, as opposed to sitting on a countertop or some other surface. While most of the phones used in the world are either cell phones or regular phones, wall mounted telephones serve many purposes that are very advantageous.

In fact, if more people knew how convenient wall mounted phones could be, there would probably be more of them in use. Wall mount phones are very convenient because you can put them anywhere.

You can install the cradle on any wall surface, and as long as you are within reach of a phone jack, you are good to go! You can mount it in your kitchen, in your dining room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, or even in the garage! Or, you can even mount one in every room! That way, you can answer the phone easily without ever needing to walk very far. No more running for the phone, only to have the answering machine pick up right when you get there!

Whether the wall mount phones are cordless or even on a cord really makes no difference, though cordless is generally preferred nowadays.

If you are going to be getting wall mount phones, then here is some information that you might want to remember. First of all, the question as to whether or not you buy a cordless wall phone is probably the biggest one to think about.

The biggest reason for using a corded wall phone is because, even if the power goes down, these phones will still work as long as the phone lines are active. If, however, the power goes out while you are using your cordless phone, you will no longer be able to call out or receive calls on it. So, if you are in an area where power outages happen frequently (such as in very rural areas), you might want to buy a corded wall mounted phone.

However, if you live in an area where this is usually not an issue, or if you have a cell phone with you all the time anyway, then there is really no reason not to buy cordless wall mounted telephones. A cordless phone, as you will probably find, is a lot handier and easier to use. It also does not keep you confined to a specific area, which is one of the best things about it.

As far as price goes, wall mount phones are not really any more expensive than regular cordless or corded phones. In fact, many regular phones double as wall mounted telephones if installed properly. Proper installation, however, IS essential so that the phone does not simply slide off of the cradle and break.

You can find a lot of great deals for wall mount phones online, and with a little bit of comparison shopping, can find great deals on phones for your entire home. We specifically discuss one of the GE wall phones on the next page. A wall mounted phone take up a lot less desk space, and having more room will definitely put you in a better mood on Monday morning!

Wall Phone Uses

Wall mounted phoneNowadays, everyone seems to own a cell phone, and this is because they are so convenient, and the plans often allow you to use them as much as you want.

As they are starting to replace the classic landline phones, you will need some good reasons to make you keep your old wall phone, and I will give you some.

One great concern about giving up your home wall phone is the emergency calls. In many parts of the country, identifying the location of a call is made much easier if the 911 call was done from a landline. More than that, you won’t have to worry about the bad cell coverage when you have an emergency.

If your current broadband connection is not doing very well for you, you can always switch it over to DSL. Kids eating up your minutes won’t be a problem either.

Even though the cell phone plans are inexpensive, they will cost a lot if you go over the minutes. However, your landline will protect this from happening, as there are very cheap unlimited talk plans available.

Cell services are not always trustworthy. They go down many times, or it simply doesn’t sound clear during the conversations. Owning a wall phone connected to a landline connection is much more reliable, especially if you don’t want the phone cracking while you’re talking.

A landline connection can be seen as a backup of your cell phone. If something happens to it, like dropping and breaking it, you wouldn’t want to stay a few days without any phone line, especially if it’s over the weekend.

Now, if you don’t have a wall mounted telephone and you want to buy one, or just want to replace the old one, you have to remember a few things. The first issue to be considered is obviously the price. Depending on how generous you are willing to be with this purchase, you will be amazed to see the wide variety of features and designs that can come with a wall phone.

For example, you can get phones with touch screens, voice dials, text to speech features and many others. Of course, they will cost a lot, but if you saved up enough money for this and want the best product, you might be willing to spend a couple of hundreds dollars for a wall phone with all these features. Or, you can simply dig a little deeper and search for more affordable phones. The good news is that most phones are often inexpensive and you can purchase the full equipment for as less as $30.

All you have to do is expand your search and look for the best wall phone online, and also if you need any kind of phone mounts you can look at dashphoneholder.com . There is no better place than the internet to do this research and you won’t have to spend days to visit tens of retail outlets.

You would have to spend many dollars on gasoline bills to find a wall phone as cheap as the one found on the internet. You will only have to decide on the model you want to buy and after that, compare the prices in order to make the best deal.

Corded Wall Phone

Corded Mounted PhoneA corded wall phone is a phone that is connected to the wall phone jack via a phone cord. There are many different types of corded wall phones on the market today, and you should have no trouble finding one that you like.

Some of the more popular corded wall phones feature bright, lit-up buttons that make it easy to dial at night. They are usually made from sturdy plastic, and are available in many different colors.

You can even get corded wall phones that have many types of built in features. For example, you can get phones with a built in answering machine, a built in caller ID screen, and even phones that will operate on several different lines.

Of course, what type of phone service you buy may dictate whether or not you can use some of these features, but it is sure nice to have them on your corded wall phone when you need them!

When buying corded wall phones, make sure that you get enough cord to get to your phone. Is the phone jack next to where you will keep the phone, or is it across the room? If it is located close-by, then a simple phone cord should suffice at the right length.

However, if it is across the room, you may need to run a longer phone cord strategically so that it does not get in the way. One popular way to run a phone cord is along the wall on the floor, over doorways hidden against the trim, and on the ceiling up against the wall.

If the phone cord is the same color as the wall, this will make it almost invisible to anyone who isn’t looking for it. It is generally not considered very aesthetic to have phone lines sprawling all over the room!

Corded wall phones are slowly being replaced by cordless phones, and ultimately, by cell phones. However, corded wall phones do have a few different advantages. For one, if your corded wall phone is just a plain phone, it will still be operational during a power outage.

Cordless phones cannot be used during a power outage unless you have backup power, like a generator. Unlike cell phones, corded wall phones cannot lose signal. As long as they are plugged in, and as long as the phone lines are in service, you will be able to make and receive calls on it.

You can buy corded wall phones at just about any office supply or home décor store. Since corded wall phones are considered an electronic item, you can also find them in electrical supply stores and places like that.

The bottom line is this: having cell phones and cordless phones is great, but when they do not work, corded wall phones will continue to function. Even if you just keep it as a back-up, having a corded wall phone is a great idea. It will be easier to use in emergencies, and can be powered as long as the phone lines have service.


Cordless Wall Phones

Cordless Wall PhoneA cordless wall phone is a type of phone that you can use in your home or office, but it is one that does not require a cord to be used.

Cordless wall phones all have stations. Usually, these stations are used to store and charge the phone when it is not in use. These stations need to be both plugged into a phone line, and also into a power outlet.

However, the phone itself connects to the phone line through the base wirelessly, and can be moved around while talking. For example, you can take a cordless wall phone with you into another room while talking, all without being tethered down by a cord.


Cordless wall phones definitely have their advantages and their disadvantages, but in general, they are extremely convenient and easy to use.

First of all, cordless wall phones need to have a base that is plugged into both power and a serviced phone line. This means that if the electricity goes out, you will not be able to use the phone. This is one disadvantage of a cordless phone. Unlike a corded phone, it cannot run on straight phone lines alone.

Two, cordless phones have a limited range. They can be carried around conveniently while within this range, but once you start to leave the “service” range, they begin to lose signal. They are not like cell phones, which can go for miles without losing signal. Usually, the range on a cordless wall phone will be about 50 to 100 feet. If it goes over the range allowed from the base, you will lose signal and not be able to maintain the call.

Cordless wall mount telephones do have several advantages, however. For one, they give you the service of a landline with the convenience of cordless use. So, instead of being tethered down to one place, you can move around while still utilizing your land line. Two, they are not very expensive. You can actually buy a cordless phone for just a little more than you can a corded phone.

While it might be a good idea to have a corded phone on hand, a cordless phone is great to use on a day to day basis. Just remember to replace it on the charging station after use, or you will find out that dead batteries do not work so well on a cordless phone!

You can buy cordless phones just about anywhere corded phones are available. You can also find them suitable for business and personal use. Business cordless wall phones may be more expensive than home phones, but they are usually filled with extra features that are usable to a business, such as caller id and built in answering machine systems.

If you have need of a cordless wall phone, you should definitely buy one. They are very convenient, and have actually become the staple for home use whenever people use landlines. Landlines will never completely disappear, even though cell phones have gotten very popular.

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